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April 9, 2010

Old age isn’t for the faint hearted.  Observing my dad over a number of months I have gained an incredible insight into the difficulties he’s facing while short-term memory loss takes up residence and intermittent confusion results in frustration and fear.

What with one thing and another the last few weeks have been incredibly difficult as he comes to terms with life changes and the challenges that go with a diagnosis of vascular dementia.

I’ve decided to write about my journey with my dad, for a time anyway, and have set up a separate blog at at eighty one if you want to visit.

Thanks for dropping by.



been too long

January 25, 2008

really must write something.  maybe tomorrow …


Grumpy Old Women

August 20, 2007

The grumpies are back on a Friday night at 10pm droning on about what makes them, well, grumpy.  And it’s just great!  I laughed out loud when they talked about how they could never relax and suddenly my life started to make sense.  That’s me!   They grated on about how they’re the only ones that know where EVERYTHING is in the house!  Me too!  And don’t even get them started with Saturday shop assistants and looking for stock … so well observed.  Genius.

Jenny Eclair, Muriel Gray & Co … grumpies at their best!

Think they’re coming to the Kings in Edinburgh.