blog? maybe.

March 2, 2010

Blog or not blog?

While the question hasn’t exactly been keeping me up at nights I’m contempleting.  What’s to be done with bpositive? .

As I see it.

I could leave things as they are.  True.  But with a blog comes a certain responsibility.  It needs looked after if it isn’t to become old and weary and out of date (I’m making some connections here) just sitting waiting and wondering as the days go by if someone will drop in and pay a visit.  Maybe even post something.  How exciting would that be!

I could delete it.  Eh?  Delete it as if it never existed?  Whoa!  Isn’t that a bit … ‘final’?  On reflection this might appear a step too far and overly dramatic.  Reason?  As I’ve read through some of the old stuff I find a warmth here, stirring memories of people and places, happiness and sadness, moments of learning and understanding and empathy.  A genuineness I’d forgotten.

Or I could go for resurrection and a complete revamp (again, seeing some connections) keeping some of the old stuff but looking at the possibilities.  A bit like recovery.  I know, short-term goals are always good and I’ve become quite fond of them.  Blog once a week perhaps?  That MUST be achievable.  Even if it’s to say hello or duplicate my update status as seen on Facebook and Twitter!

Sounds good to me.


  1. I just discovered blogging not too long ago (Dec. 27 – 010), and LOVE it… I try to post 2 times a week… before it was only once a week, now I’m up to three to four times a week lol… kinda addicting.

  2. You should definitely return to blogging in some form, we miss you!

  3. You know you want to.
    Go on, go on, go on, go on….. (spoken in an Irish accent)

  4. Still waiting for these posts to make an appearance 😉

    i always enjoyed your blogging.

    • Thanks Laura.

      I’ve been having some IT problems. Laptop charger not working : ( Hoping to get organised soon though!


      Sent from my iPhone

  5. I hope you keep blogging, I always enjoyed your page.

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